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Baudler Art & Design

Digital Art, Photography, Graphic and Web Design

  • Digital art of Space Scene
  • Art Photography of Viewfinders on Pacific Ocean CA
  • Artistic Composite Winter Sprite
  • Wedding Photo


Welcome to Baudler Art & Design.

Baudler Art & Design is the home of freelancers Shawn Thomas Baudler, and Angi Baudler of Minnesota. Please look over the site to see a small sampling of the work done over the last 12+ years as a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, and digital artist.

If you are interested in hiring for any of these services, please contact us.

Who are we

Shawn Thomas Baudler

Shawn Thomas Baudler

Shawn Thomas Baudler is a professional graphic and web designer, a novice photographer, and digital artist currently living in Minnesota. Shawn is passionate about art, science, understanding reality, creative writing, and the pursuit of beauty in the modern world through visual arts.

"I Love seeing the simplicity in complexity, and the complexity in simplicity" - STB

Shawn does freelance photography and design, while pursuing many creative, and artistic passions, and hobbies.


Shawn has been an artist since childhood. In 2004, after working in various jobs and doing some amateur graphic design, Shawn decided to go back to school to learn the skills to pursue a career in the creative world.

Graduating from Brown College in 2006, Shawn eventually took a graphic design position at Herald Journal Publishing(HJP) in Winsted, MN. After a few years designing advertisements for newspapers, business cards, brochures, signs, and community guidebooks(among other projects) Shawn moved to the printing department, and spent the next couple years learning the ins and outs of digital printing. After a time Shawn returned to the design department, and was driven to return to school to expand into designing for the web.

Three years working 30+ hours at HJP, while attending classes at Ridgewater College in Hutchinson, eventually lead to a Diploma in Web Programming(2014), and a position in the Web Department at HJP.

He has won first(2012) and second place(2011) awards for artistic photography at the Dassel, MN Red Rooster Days Fine Art Contest. And recently has been working as a freelance photographer in addition to his work at HJP.

His entire life Shawn has been artistic. At no point has a sketchbook, notebook, and/or camera not been a precious possession, and some creative endeavor occupying his free time.

Angi Baudler

Angelina Josephina Baudler

Angi Baudler is a life long artist, who recently returned to school to become a professional graphic, and web designer.

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